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Why are safety work boots so important

If you’re in the sort of profession that requires a good pair of study work boots read on. You might just get some tips that’ll help you choose the right footwear.

Why are safety work boots so important?
Well, for a start, a quarter of all accidents in the workplace involve your feet. Quite a staggering statistic. But when you include sprains, punctures, crushing and breaks, you can understand why that is.

Safety Boots 

So, where to start?
What you require is very personal to the wearer. First, think in what environment will you be using the boots. Wet, cold, hot, slippery or hazardous, all are relevant to what you choose. Check the description for the boot properties. This will tell you the sole material and what it’s resistant to. It will also advise on the protection features and if it complies to any industry standards.

But this is all irrelevant if the boot is uncomfortable. Time and care should be spent making sure they fit. Keeping your feet as relaxed as possible during a long working day. There are lots of different styles of safety shoe on the market, from clogs to fleece lined calf high boots. You’re the only one that can gauge which is right for you.

Safety too is a primary concern.
If you’re certain you have the right protection you don’t have to worry when going about your daily work. Whether you need steal toe and mid sole or the correct chemical resistant sole we can help you find the right boot.

The upper material is also important. There are three main types: Nylon Mesh, Leather and Full Waterproof. The nylon are very breathable. Although non-waterproof, are ideal for working in warm environments. Leather is very hard wearing and is waterproof to a point. But it does tend to be heavier than the alternatives. Full waterproof are normally top of the range. They tend to be more expensive but ultimately the safest and most waterproof of all.

Safety Clogs
Whatever your occupation we can help you find the right work boot. So, if you need help give us a call on 0800 756 0837 or drop us an email: sales@kylemark.co.uk and we’ll get back to you asap.